The most luxurious office building in Bratislava!

6 Stefanikova Street is undoubtedly one of the finest addresses in the city. Situated close to the Slovak Government Office and the Presidential Palace, the building offers easy and quick access to and from the city centre, as well as sufficient privacy and peace for a focused working atmosphere.

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The modern trend in administrative buildings is to provide maximum comfort, functionality and security while keeping operating costs low for tenants. The building is therefore equipped with a smart ABB i-bus EIB management system. It controls the lighting, blinds, heating and air-conditioning, and also integrates into a single compact unit with the other systems of the building, such as the security and attendance system, the parking system and the control of audio/video appliances. The whole building is controlled and visualized within one computer program. The smart building management system may be reprogrammed according to the needs of individual tenants, so as to meet their expectations as much as possible. Such a solution is advantageous in order to achieve low operating costs and be able to set up new system parameters that meet the expectations of users.


One of the most advanced technologies for automated light management - “DALI” - allows lights to be switched on and off flexibly, or to be turned down in individual premises and selected units as required, as well as in the lit parts in, for example, the presentation rooms. The lights may be automatically regulated to a constant level based on the intensity of the light outside, thus offering maximum comfort for people inside. The advantages of the smart building management system in regard to lights are shown, for example, when being interconnected with the security and attendance system: the lighting may be controlled automatically based on whether there are any people in the offices. The lights in corridors and staircases are motion activated, thus increasing safety and reducing the consumption of electricity.


Blinds may be operated individually as required by people present, or automatically in order to create the desired atmosphere. When there are no people in the office, the blinds support the heating and air- conditioning: for example, in summer they close to prevent the room from getting too hot, and in winter they open to let in more sunlight and thereby increase the comfort of tenants.


Integrating the heating and air-conditioning systems into the building management system offers greater comfort for users, who can easily regulate the temperature in the offices. A user sets the desired temperature in his office and the system automatically controls the technologies so as to reach the selected temperature. Moreover, when interconnected with the security and attendance system and taking into account the time program of the building, the heating and air-conditioning are reduced at stipulated times, for example at night or weekends, thus saving tenants’ costs. Thanks to the smart management system rooms are not permanently heated while the windows are open, which mitigates discomfort for the people present and keeps operating costs down. Heating and air-conditioning have several operating regimes such as the ‘comfort regime’ (people present on the premises), 'stand-by regime’ (people not present on the premises but expected to arrive shortly), ‘frost-protection regime’ (anti-frost protection in the case that, for example, windows have been left open), and 'night regime’ (when there are no people in the building). These regimes are changed automatically and individually, of course, as appropriate to the premises.


The security and attendance system brings comprehensive information about people’s movements, protection zone activation and, for example, the state of windows for the successful management of the building. In this way, certain states of the building and its individual premises are kept under control. When the last employee leaves, for example, the heating is turned down, the blinds are drawn and the lights are switched off.


The building is provided with an automated parking system which is interconnected with the building management system. The parking is visualized and any non-standard situation is immediately reported and addressed. All a user has to do is to arrive and get out, or get into a prepared car and leave comfortably.

presentation rooms

The presentation room offers easy handling of all technologies and appliances, including audiovisual technology. By a 'single button push’, the whole room, including the projector and screen, becomes immediately ready for making a presentation and for your subsequent discussion or departure.

Beautiful Exterior and Extensive greenery

Take advantage of the extensive greenery in order to relax or organise a small company event. All office spaces provide a view of the park enriched with a fountain and sculpture. The exterior is equiped with automatic lighting guiding your path into the comfort of your office.

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